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Evolving Venture Spirit We are continuing to innovate the technology and the business strategy in order to contribute to the creation of an enriched society.
ADAPTEX Co., Ltd. is the advanced technological company, which was founded as a venture company of Hiroshima University in 2005. We are creating the new value to realize the green technology and/or energy-conservation in the field of the process industry, the auto industry and the FA industry, with the dynamic promotion of business-academia collaboration. more...
ADAPTEX Co., Ltd. is developing mainly three businesses of "Control technology consulting service", "Optimization system development" and "Training and education development". Our business contributes to the creation of a brighter future around the world by utilizing our advanced technologies and consulting. Clients are able to obtain big and reliable benefit surely. more...
ADAPTEX Co., Ltd. receives basic seeds exclusively from the university along side with needs from industries, improve effectively upon the seeds, and develop a system aimed at shaping industrial applications. For the sake of innovations for the next generation, we send the verified results as feedback to the universities. We can achieve effectively and organically innovations. more...
Jul. 21, 2015
Our project was accepted by JICA
June 1, 2015
Published 10th anniv. volume
Oct. 31, 2014
Holiday closing notice
Apr. 21, 2014
Holiday closing notice