Human Resource Development

The roles of leading countries are wide-range. They are included a building up the base to get through a well-rounded life. Especially, an education is a fundamental thing to flourish in the society, and it contributes to the growth of themselves. ADAPTEX trains engineers who have been already working in societies for their skill-up. Also, we consider educational elements in order to cultivate engineers at educational institutions like as an university, and we propose a curriculum based on it.

■Technical Training

When engineers operate affairs, they need enough knowledge, And the capability to solve problems is also need. Through the technical training, we contribute for their skill-up and to an economic growth.

■Research and Proposal

We survey the learning environment at existing educational institutions and comparies in several developing countries. We propose the master plan to create the abundant society.


The contents of a curriculum are important to achieve the knowledge and learning effect in a school education and a technical training. We proposed a curriculum framework to cultivate not only a fundamental knowledge, but also practical knowledge together with universities.

Training Scheme

The training programs are consisted of the university knowledge and the industry know-how, and they are effectively joined. We construct a high level curriculum and provide it. The trainees can learn the knowledge and the technique effectively. Also the existing training curriculum which we provide can be extended uniquely at request of clients.

Example: For the refinery engineers

We have carried out training for the engineers, who are operators and designers, are working at one modernizing country in the Middle East. Also, we have provided the trainings, which included refinery visiting with cooperation of petroleum refining company. We have supported to carry on knowledge and helpful skill by combined use of lectures, the training simulator and the refinery visiting.