ADAPTEX is an advanced company established as a venture company of Hiroshima University in January, 2005. The control technologies that have been cultivated for 20 years or more at the university have been widely applied to the petrochemical plant industry, the auto sector, and the steel plant industry, etc., and we have gotten the high appraisal from a lot of users. 

One of most interesting things we often talk about these days is about energy saving. We are facing the big watershed in energy-oriented society. The control engineering which has been treated as "Hidden Technology" for years is starting to appear in practical scenes. We are convinced that our advanced control technologies make a contribution to improving plant operation and saving of energy. 

ADAPTEX has the spirit of challenge and of innovation, and develops advanced safety technologies based on practical knowledge. We think it is really incumbent on ADAPTEX as a venture company to find out what users actually want us to do in technical fields. We hope that our technologies help your activities, and we look forward to your continuing support.

Masanobu Obika
President and CEO