Information Security Policy

Fundamental Principle

ADAPTEX guarantees customer safety and security, perceives protecting the assets of customers, such as personal information, as social obligation. From the viewpoint of governance and risk management, Shintec Hozumi establishes the Information Security Fundamental Policy as a goal for systematically and continuously engaging in Information Security.

Fundamental Policy

1. Compliance
We observe laws, guiding principles that are decided by a country, contract obligations, as well as other social standards all of which are related to information security.

2. Maintenance of a stable management foundation
We endeavor in maintaining a stable management foundation, such as securing business continuity, together with appropriately handling our confidential information and information assets under our custody from the customers.

3. Provision of safe products and services
With regards to customers and society, we provide safe products and services according to measures taken in information security for product and service development, design, manufacturing, and our company's business operations.

4. Contributing to cultivate a safe cyber space
We contribute to cultivating a safe cyber space by being organized in accordance with information systems and telecommunication networks. With this, users of the internet, where the information circulates, as well as those other virtual spaces (previously called cyber space) can feel assured and enjoy those benefits.

5. Information security management
Risk management, which includes incident correspondence together with building of governance systems, and continual promotion and improvement of information securities are performed.