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Since its foundation in 2005, ADAPTEX has been developing on various machine learning and big data processing technologies in anticipation of the arrival of an artificial intelligence society(AI). We have achieved many achievements, such as conducting analysis of the causes of product quality degradation in large-scale plants from hundreds of tag data. Big data analytics typically rely on the skills of data analysts, but ADAPTEX has consistently developed its own big data analytics tools.

Furthermore, we know the site of plant operation, so we have been conducting R&D and ommercialization of competitor deep learning from an early stage. We have already created many benefits, such as developing technology to predict future behavior in the cement manufacturing process in real time.

In addition, we make use a wealth of the knowledge in the field of the factory (refinery) operation to early derive analysis results that cannot be achieved by our competitors. We have been engaged in R&D and commercialization of deep learning before others , and have already created many benefits such as developing technologies that predict future behavior in the cement manufacturing process in real time.

Plant and factory sector

In large-scale processes, there are cases where it is not possible to find out what influences product quality variation in quality control and the cause and effect of certain phenomena. The big data analysis technology provided by ADAPTEX can identify the causal relationship of such based on past accumulated data.

We have achieved many successes in fields such as petroleum and cement, and based on the identified causal relationships, we can counter-measure and solve the problems by integrating with control solutions .

In plants and factories, the concept of predictive maintenance is becoming established in addition to daily maintenance work. Based on our accumulated operation data, we can predict abnormalities and deterioration and perform maintenance measures before a serious accident occurs.

By applying data mining techniques such as data clustering and forecasting, it detects plant and factory modulations early. In recent years, accident prevention has been positioned as the most 
important task not only in corporate social responsibility, but also in maintaining its own sustainability.

We make the most of our customers' valuable data and provide "visualization" for safe operations.

Supply and demand sector

Proper management of inventory is also important in order to optimize supply and demand. ADAPTEX forecasts demand trends and places orders and logistics in accordance with the forecasts, thereby achieving lean supply and demand with minimal costs.

In addition to logistics, logistics, by predicting the demand for power and other factors, and linking with load control and supply control for peak cut management, significant energy savings can be achieved.

We have applied the forecasting technology  in control and other applications to these demand-supply forecasts, and have made a significant contribution to reducing operating losses and costs for 

We have applied the forecasting technology we developed in control and other applications to these demand-supply forecasts, and have made a significant contribution to reducing operating losses and costs for customers.

ADAPTEX has been applied the forecasting technology  developed in control and other applications to these demand-supply forecasts, and have made a significant contribution to reducing operating losses and costs for customers.

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