Optimization Solution

In actual engineering issues and/or production planning, required objectives are not so much one but multi-objective. Especially, the framework of multi-objective optimization is strongly necessary in the practical usage. We are developing and providing the optimization system by using one-of-a kind multi-objective optimization engine "exDesigner™" for various issues.

Logistics Sector

We have developed the optimization system of logistics which is a vital lifeline in the present day. We have already developed and provides the optimization system for the allocation of ships, and were able to cut down on fuel expenditure drastically.

Design Sector

We have developed the multi-objective optimization system which is needed in cases of the mechanical design, the construction design and the networking, Our product, exDesigner™, is able to calculate the Pareto solution quickly, support the client's design jobs.

Scheduling Sectore

To carry out the optimization of production planning is becoming a modern standard. As an example, we have developed the multi-objective optimization system for blending the crude oil, contributed to the reduction of operation loss drastically.

■Robust Multi-objective Optimization Engine exDesinger™

We propose the optimization system for the variety of problems by utilizing exDesinger™. exDesinger™ can find the high accuracy Pareto solution quickly in comparison with the conventional methods such as a multi-objective genetic algorithm.

Field of application

Control, Identification, Assignment of ships, Logistics, Machine design, Multidisciplinary design, and Financial Portfolio


Before now, we have installed it with a cooperation of refinery company on the field which is a allocating load and a logistics planning. The company which installed it obtained the large operational merit. And we are contributing to reduction of costs and wastes.

Work flow of introduction

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