Challenge to Creation of Sustainable Society

The future generations will inherit the rich global environment and to keep that all living creatures and plants living on the earth will  to continue survive.

In order to create a sustainable future to Greenhouse gas reduction is unavoidable.

ADAPTEX uses its innovative technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from plants.

For example, the plastic products we use regularly. These are also manufactured by petrochemical manufacturers. In this process, large amounts of heat energy are used in distillation towers to separate hydrocarbons. The same product by maximizing control performance is possible to be reduce the amount of energy consumed to obtain quantity of expenditure and quality.

In other words, it is realizable to reduce greenhouse gases by improving the basic unit. ADAPTEX is Until now, the technology has been applied to more than 60 distillation columns, achieving 9% maximum energy saving and 3.1% average energy saving.

ADAPTEX has tens of thousands of households reduce their annual CO2 emissions  through achievements this projects. We will collaborate(Cooperation) with stakeholders to build a more sustainable society through innovative technologies handmade one by one.